Koda Kumi Summer Trip

Koda Kumi Summer Trip
Summer Trip is the fifty-fifth single by artist Koda Kumi and is her first summer single in nearly two years

(her last being 4 TIMES).The single was a double A-side and contained one b-side.__________

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No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Radio Show Start ~LALALALALA~” (Intro) Bana a.k.a Daddy B 1:01
2. “LALALALALA” Koda Kumi Figge Brostrom, Anna Engh 3:37
3. “Show Time ~IS THIS TRAP?~” (Interlude) Bana a.k.a Daddy B 1:01
4. “IS THIS TRAP?” Koda Kumi T-SK, HENRIK Nordenback, Christian Fast 3:53
5. “Show Time ~TOUCH DOWN~” (Interlude) Bana a.k.a Daddy B 1:10
6. “TOUCH DOWN” Koda Kumi, Toby Gad, Joanna “JoJo” Levesque Toby Gad 3:44
7. “Radio Show End” (Outro) Bana a.k.a Daddy B 1:00
Total length:


No. Title Music Producer(s) Length
1. “TOUCH DOWN” (Music Video) Fatima Robinson Akihiro Kubo, Takuma Hayashi, Nina Grassman-Warner 3:45
2. “LALALALALA” (Music Video) Fatima Robinson Akihiro Kubo, Takuma Hayashi, Nina Grassman-Warner 3:34
3. “Summer Trip” (Making) Kentaro Ishiyama Akihiro Kubo 18:06
Total length:


Music Video

The single contained two music videos, LALALALALA and TOUCH DOWN. Both videos were filmed at Venice Beach in California in the United States. LALALALALA is an upbeat pop song and was filmed on location. TOUCH DOWN is a hip hop/R&B song filmed in Los Angeles.


Koda kumi - LaLaLaLaLa - MV


Koda Kumi — TOUCH DOWN — MV — HQ

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Koda Kumi Summer Trip