Koda Kumi – Dance In The Rain


『360° 体感型ミュージックビデオ』


この度、未発表新曲「Dance In The Rain」にて、
360°の映像世界を体感出来る最先端テクノロジー “オキュラスリフト”
と “立体音響” を導入した『360° 体感型ミュージックビデオ』

「TENT LONDON」にてデビューします!!

10/25〜11/3 に東京にて開催される「TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK」にて


倖田來未 Dance In The Rain 30″ preview 128 Kbps

Koda Kumi introduces a 360° full-body experience music video featuring the latest technology!

Koda Kumi has always pushed the boundaries of her work and challenged

herself to innovative and creative projects.

Koda has utilized the 360° technology of Oculus Rift to create her other

worldly music video for the unreleased song, “Dance In The Rain”.

Oculus Rift is a head-mounted, virtual reality display that was developed

by an American venture company in 2013. Facebook acquired the

company for $2 billion in March of this year.

BIG PARADE, a digital-era music festival held from September 13 to 15,

featured an Oculus Rift booth. Interest in the possibilities of the technology

has been steadily increasing.

The world’s top creatives were involved in introducing this groundbreaking

music video to the world.

YKBX, who has won awards from art competitions all over the world,

directed the video. He has successfully put on a Hatsune Miku virtual

concert at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris last year. The costumes were

done by fashion legends. 3-D stereophonic sound expert, Evala, created

aural aspect of the 360° world.

From Japan To The World. This exciting and creative project is sure to

become the talk of the world.

“Dance In The Rain” is a creatively challenging piece of work that will

question the way we think about the future of entertainment. It will be

premiered at London’s “TENT LONDON” art festival from September 18 to

21. It will then be shown at “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK” in Tokyo from

October 25 to November 3. Kumi Koda welcomes her 15th year as an

artist in December of this year. Her inquiring mind will, no doubt, continue

to surprise us in the future.


KODA  KUMI “Dance In The Rain”

Director: YKBX
Stylist: Misha Janette
3D Sound artist: Evala
Costume special thanks: Yohji Yamamoto “discord”, LIMI feu, Roggykei

Event overview

September 18, 2014 (Thursday) ~ September 21, 2014 (Sunday)

October 25, 2014 (Saturday) ~ November 3, 2014 (Holiday • Monday)
Venue: In front of the Meiji Jingu Gaien Art Gallery

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Koda Kumi – Dance In The Rain