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Dreaming Now! is the fifty-sixth single by artist Koda Kumi and was released on her birthday. The song was written by Koda Kumi in honor of Japan’s part in the 2013 Volleyball World Grand Champion Cup for men and women, both of which were held in Japan.

The single contained one b-side, “XXX”, and the “Live Version” of her 2007 ballad “Ai no Uta”.


No. Title Lyrics Length
1. “Dreaming Now!” Koda Kumi 4:18
2. “XXX” Koda Kumi 3:22
3. “愛のうた” (LIVE @ZUSHI FES’13) Koda Kumi 4:52
Total length:
No. Title Length
1. “Dreaming Now!” (Music Video) 4:42
2. “Dreaming Now!” (Making Video)


Music Video

The single’s video carried the volleyball theme of the World Cup and included a heavy dance number, making it her first video to have a full original dance since 2009’s ECSTASY.

Koda Kumi - Dreaming Now! - MV


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Koda Kumi Calendar 2014

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[ Cover Girl Koda Kumi (倖田來未 カバーガール)] – [ iphone用壁紙 倖田來未 ] ,
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Koda Kumi – Dreaming Now!